SteelPhalt party after 50 years at Rotherham’s New York Stadium

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‘Steel slag for safer roads’ has for years been a slogan familiar to anyone who has used the nation’s motorways - and the company behind it has just turned 50.

SteelPhalt lorries have been plying their trade on behalf of the UK road making industry since 1964. And now the firm is planning to celebrate with a gala dinner at Rotherham’s New York Stadium.

Based at the Ickles in Templeborough, SteelPhalt is ideally located to source slag cost-effectively from the surrounding steel industry. It is seen as a sustainable way of making asphalt since at least 95 per cent of the product is recycled.

The July 12 dinner will be attended by 300 guests, including clients from the steel industry and the roads sector, Steelphalt staff and US representatives of parent company Harsco.

Commercial manager Dean Raynor said: “As we celebrate 50 years of steel slag for safer roads we believe this is the perfect time to get everybody together and mark an important milestone.”

Steel slag toughens roads, reduces skids and cuts the amount of slag going to landfill.