Star readers strike it lucky

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READERS have been striking it lucky with The Star.

The winners in our Wanted figures competition were Sarah Hargate, of S13, and Tracey Steer, of S25.

There were 10 winners in our Harrogate Flower Show competition - Janet Barlow, of S20; Lisa Mettam, of S6; Anne Broughton, of S9; Susan Morris, of S66; Lynne Randle, of S61; Nancy Stuart, of S10; John Daniels, of S35; Miss A Mowinski, of S7; Mrs V Thirtle, of S8; and Mrs W Hudson, of S18.

The three winners in our Jamaican hamper contest were Elaine Littlewood, of S62; Lynn Russell, of S2; and Mrs S Mercer, of S35.

Five lucky people were winners in our stitch and craftware tickets competition - Bev Hodgkinson, of S8; Mrs J Fox-Martin, of S13; Chris Gadsby, of S12; Lindsay Hill, of S5; and Olivia Wright, of S12.

And the 10 winners of our netball championships competition were Nichola Wright, of S43; Lawrence Evans, of S12; JJune oke, of S33; Jackie Grainger, of S63; Alan Parke, of TW13; Lena Carruthers, of S8; Rebecca Critten, of DN31; Linda Carter, of S35; Barbara Godley, of S36; and Kirst May, of S6.