Star opinion: Give us more Supertram

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Supertram boss Margaret Kay says the service in Sheffield is on the right track in today’s Star but surely we can make even further improvements to aid travellers across the city and beyond.

We wish to thank Ms Kay for answering our readers questions in such an honest way.

She was supportive, as you’d expect, of Supertram when necessary but was also quick to agree when things had been handled incorrectly.

The service is used by thousands of people every day and is one of the most efficient ways of getting around the city.

However, because of a tram’s obvious limitations it is important that more routes are developed.

Putting down new tracks is no easy matter.

Many businesses suffered severe hardships when the original lines were installed and whenever major work is needed to be carried out then trade suffers.

It is time, though, that the South Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive began to make even further plans beyond the tram/train extension in 2017.

Being able to move quickly and efficiently around many different areas of Sheffield will be a boon to the public but will also help attract new business to the city.