Staff at Sheffield’s Meadowhall shopping centre to get dedicated car park in bid to ease congestion

Work is under wayon a new staff car park at Meadowhall shopping centre.
Work is under wayon a new staff car park at Meadowhall shopping centre.
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Hundreds of car parking spaces will be made available at Meadowhall shopping centre when a new staff parking area opens.

The dedicated car park for staff working at Meadowhall is due to open on Alsing Road, near the Tinsley viaduct, on Friday, October 24.

Meadowhall bosses believe it will help remove some congestion on surrounding roads and free up spaces for shoppers in the main car parks around the centre.

Darren Pearce, Meadowhall centre director, said: “We went to retailers and asked staff where they would normally park and they said outside the main doors. We need to put our business first.

“This is a change for the better, and it’s a change that has been done with full consultation.

“We are providing an environment that is safe and secure for those people, recognising the importance that they have to the centre.”

The area will have 1,143 spaces for staff vehicles, 234 spaces for contractors working at the shopping centre, and 33 coach places.

The car park will be controlled by an automatic number plate recognition barrier.

It will be open 24 hours a day with full lighting and will be monitored by CCTV cameras.

There will be a permanent security lodge and there will be lit walk routes to and from the shopping centre.

Staff have received information on how to register for the car park. Staff with blue disability badges will still be able to park in the disabled bays within the customer car parks.

And staff will be allowed to park in the customer car parks when they are not at work.

Darren believes the change will be beneficial to Sheffield if the shopping centre can help relieve congestion on surrounding roads.

Meadowhall has launched a new travel plan to promote green travel. More than 50 per cent of retail staff use public transport to get to work and new cycle pods have been installed.

Darren said: “Getting away from the fact there is already congestion in the area, we need more business and housing in the area, but with it that brings more cars. If we want the benefits of new jobs and investment we need to unlock the congestion.”