Sports boost for broadband firm’s pioneering internet TV service

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Demand for superfast internet services soared in the summer, according to, the internet service provider operating exclusively on South Yorkshire’s Digital Region superfast broadband network.

The company says subscriptions surged by 81 per cent in the second quarter, following the launch of its revolutionary internet TV service.

Demand was greatest in Sheffield and Rotherham, especially among professional couples with families and young singles living in shared housing.

Meanwhile, business connections peaked in March and April, as small and medium sized businesses reviewed suppliers at what is, for many, the end of their financial year.

Littlebigone says a number of firms adopting voice over internet, video conferencing and cloud-computing services approached the firm.

Managing director Teresa Robbins said: “Standard broadband connections tend to allow one person in a household to stream internet TV with some buffering, provided they aren’t competing for connectivity with other users.

“If someone else on the same connection is also using the internet to work from home, download a film or engage in online gaming, everyone suffers. Many of our new customers, fed up with playing bandwidth bingo, planned ahead to ensure they had superfast and highly resilient internet in time to enjoy extensive online coverage of Euro 2012, Wimbledon and the Olympics.”

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