Social media is best avoided, says lawyer

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Lipstick on the collar used to be the way a suspicious partner realised things had got out of hand at the office party.

But today it’s more likely to be Facebook and Twitter that leads to a New Year split as Christmas kisses are given a very public airing.

January is traditionally the busiest month for divorce and separations.

And Angela Lally, Head of Family Law at Sheffield law firm QualitySolicitors SSB, warns social media simply fuels the flames of domestic disputes.

“January often sees twice as many couples begin divorce proceedings than any other time of the year,” said Angela.

“While a drunken kiss under the mistletoe with a work colleague may not mean much, the instant and often unforgiving nature of social media sites such as Facebook may be too much for some relationships to survive.”

Angela added it was also advisable to stay away from social media while going through a separation. “If an estranged spouse claims they have no money - and then posts pictures of an all-inclusive holiday - this can raise questions. And innocuous posts from the past may come back to haunt in future divorce proceedings.”