Snuff mill makes right connection

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Internet Service Provider Ask4 has helped to bring a converted Georgian snuff mill into the 21st century.

The award winning, Sheffield-based superfast broadband specialist was asked by Westbrook Court-based IT consultancy, 121 IT, if it could provide a broadband connection to its Sharrowvale offices.

Ask4’s answer was a fibre optic connection that offered broadband speeds reaching 100 megabits a second – four times the standard ADSL service – and now121 IT is acting as the sole on-site contact between Ask4 and other tenants of the development.

What’s more, the company is expecting to triple speeds by the end of the year.

Adrian Lane, of 121 IT, said: “Faster speeds and faster downloads mean that we can consume and share more information online than ever before.

“Thanks to fibre optic broadband, the future of the internet is both bright and speedy.”