Small firms need Government backing

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Government is letting down the UK’s smaller manufacturers, despite Prime Minister David Cameron’s view that the sector will drive the recovery of the British economy.

So say manufacturers themselves, according to British Made For Quality (BMFQ), the industry alliance that campaigns for British firms to make more components currently being manufactured offshore.

When BMFQ recently asked member companies whether the Government was giving them enough support as manufacturers, nine out of 10 said ‘No’.

Eight out of 10 said they were unsure of whether their local MP was ‘on side’ or even aware of manufacturers’ concerns and less than a third thought their MP supported manufacturing or showed an interest in the sector.

Nine out of 10 companies said they had neither received nor had the opportunity to apply for any Government grants.

When it came to banks, four out of 10 said their banks were ‘helpful’, but the majority of them felt their banks simply weren’t interested.

A BMFQ spokesman said: “Our survey indicates that smaller manufacturing companies remain largely unsupported by current Government policy.

“Time and again, our business contacts tell us Westminster and Whitehall simply do not grasp the importance of large numbers of small firms designing, manufacturing and exporting worldwide.

“In contrast, the Chinese government actively supports industrial expansion and economic growth. We can all see the result. Is it too much to ask a British government to be similarly driven?”