Skills drive success vital for City Region’s future

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Businesses across the Sheffield City Region have been urged to convince the Government to release more finance and powers by making a new skills initiative a resounding success.

The call came from Local Enterprise Partnership chairman James Newman, speaking at the launch of the LEP’s new Skills Made Easy programme.

Skills Made Easy aims to encourage the region’s SMEs to invest in future growth by taking on apprentices and boosting the skills of existing employees.

The programme is the first to have resulted in the Government agreeing to provide funding and the freedom for the region to use it as it wants.

“We have to make this work,” said Mr Newman. “We have put our necks on the line with the Government.

“We have stretched Government’s patience, asking them to give us the money and let us do what we want with it. This is a unique programme.

“No other city region has a programme like it. Your support is absolutely vital over the next three years.”

Skills Made Easy aims to reach tens of thousands of smaller firms that currently don’t have apprentices and aren’t investing in increasing the skills of their existing employees.

It pledges to take away all the bureaucracy and time involved in taking on apprentices and organising training, providing programmes that are tailored to businesses’ needs by using brokers who will steer the firms through the process.

For more information tel 0114 229 6183.