Six weeks off-line until The Star helps

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Sheffield Yoga School was without broadband for six weeks after the Digital Region shutdown - until The Star intervened.

Chris Noon rang in desperation after internet service provider Origin and BT Openreach appeared unable to remove ‘tags’ on the line blocking a move to another company.

The £100m Digital Region network was closed on August 14 - and several hundred Origin customers were cut off without warning.

Those that tried to leave Origin then hit trouble with ‘tags’.

Chris’ yoga school in Walkley has two staff and 240 students.

He said: “Origin has washed its hands of me and no one can speak to BT Openreach, who are not doing their job at all.

“From a business point of view it’s a nightmare. I’ve contacted my MP and Ofcom - but I’m stuck.”

The Star Business rang Origin and BT - and the tags were removed the next day.

Pete Lowes of Origin said: “After working closely with Openreach, I’m pleased to confirm that Mr Noon’s line is now clear of tags.

“It’s important that business customers understand that if internet access is mission critical, they should take a business connection at the very least. The reality for us is we’re caught in the middle of some very large scale third party network issues, but every day we get closer to our ultimate goal, which is to get everyone back online; either with us, or the provider that they’ve chosen to join.”

A BT spokeswoman said: “Mr Noon’s line is now clear and ready for orders to progress. This is a unique situation where an entire network closed down leaving hundreds of people without service. Openreach engineers worked tirelessly to prepare lines so customers were able to place orders with their preferred service provider.”