Sheffield University students attack Therea May plans

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Plans to send all overseas students home once they graduate have been condemned by the University of Sheffield Students’ Union as ‘disturbing’.

The proposal has been floated by Home Secretary Theresa May - although it is not official Conservative Party policy.

The union says such a move would affect one in four students at Sheffield University, and around 450,000 across the country as a whole.

“The proliferation of the idea that international students are somehow damaging to our economy is entirely unhelpful,” said the union’s international officer José Joaquín Díaz de Aguilar Puiggari.

“International students bring diversity, culture and learning benefits to Sheffield and the UK and overseas students should not be treated like education tourists.

“Contributing more than £7 billion to the economy and then being denied access to employment is morally bankrupt and society should remember that international students are people, not numbers,” he added.