Sheffield roundabout dug up to ease congestion

Work at Leppings Lane to remove the roundabout as' part of a �5 million pound road scheme
Work at Leppings Lane to remove the roundabout as' part of a �5 million pound road scheme
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Now you see it, now you don’t – this busy roundabout in Sheffield has started to disappear before drivers’ eyes.

Work to convert the roundabout at Leppings Lane, Hillsborough, into traffic signals began this week.

It is being changed as a new Sainsbury’s superstore is being built at a former bakery at the junction of Claywheels Lane and Penistone Road.

Construction could take until November to complete.

Some drivers said the change was long overdue.

Frank Anguige, who runs a sports book shop in Barnsley, said: “The work is needed because heavy traffic does build up and slows everything down.”

Others claimed it was one of the ‘worst’ roundabouts in Sheffield.

But some motorists said it was delaying their commutes and causing a ‘nightmare’ situation.

Owls fan Jon Russell said: “The amount of roadworks in Sheffield and Rotherham at the moment is a joke.

“It’s like they underspent in the last financial year and now have too much.”

And Chris Pearson said it had taken 45 minutes to travel from Wordsworth Avenue to the B&Q store on Penistone Road.

A spokesman for Sainsbury’s said: “We understand there have been some concerns over the highways works and are doing everything we can to minimise disruption. The works will improve traffic flow as well as being an important part of our store development.”

A raft of measures aimed at improving traffic flow on Penistone Road – Sheffield’s second busiest road with more than 60,000 people using it every day – has also been approved in a £5m scheme. Works include a new bus lane and increased speed limit on one stretch.