Sheffield e-commerce expert in deman

AN INFORMATION and communications technology expert from a South Yorkshire travel firm has been invited to speak at two top travel shows.

Michaels Rhodes, e-commerce manager at Leger Holidays, has been invited to speak at the Travel Technology Show and The Ancillary Revenue in Travel conference.

The Travel Technology Show brings together web experts from leading travel companies and Mr Rhodes has been asked to talk about technologies that will help travel professionals to attract and keep clients.

The Ancillary Revenue in Travel conference will see Mr Rhodes speaking alongside representatives of companies such as Ryanair, American Airlines, Flybe and Expedia.

He will talk about how to achieve the perfect balance between flexibility and not distracting from the core product by overwhelming customers with too many choices.

Canklow Meadows-based Leger says it places great importance on e-commerce and being at the forefront of web technology.

Leger became one of the first travel companies to gain a Triple A rating for the accessibility of its web content.

The company was the first UK tour operator to introduce internet telephone technology Skype on its website to allow agents to call the company for free and was the first coach tour operator to incorporate Google Earth into its website.

Michael Rhodes said: "We want to use new technology as a tool to improve our service offering and to attract new customers wherever possible.

"Most recently we have incorporated video podcasts into some of our online brochures and sites, giving customers a greater insight into what to expect from their Leger Holiday before they book."


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