Sheffield dad speaks out following hearing loss

Father-of-two Malcolm Robinson.
Father-of-two Malcolm Robinson.
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A former factory worker faces a lifetime of hearing problems after his Sheffield employers failed to provide him with protective equipment.

Father-of-two Malcolm Robinson has blasted businesses which fail to take steps to prevent workers from suffering noise-induced hearing loss after winning a battle for compensation.

Mr Robinson, aged 66, has endured years of tinnitus and partial deafness as a result of his time at Tinsley Wire, now known as Betafence.

He worked as an instrument technician and then an electrician technician in the central repair shop from 1976 – but was not given protective equipment until 2000.

Injury lawyers Irwin Mitchell secured Malcolm a four-figure payout after he was fitted with hearing aids in both ears.

Malcolm, who now lives in South Humberside, said: “The working environment was always so noisy as there was about 40 to 50 people working on the factory floor all operating heavy machinery at once.

“It was impossible to hear someone over the racket if they were speaking normally and I always had to shout and raise my voice to communicate with anyone.

“During my employment I started to suffer from tinnitus at least a few times a week, which is really painful and stops me in my tracks until it subsides.

“My wife also started to notice because I was regularly turning the television up loudly, I was constantly missing what people were saying, or the phone ringing.”