Search engine to raise charity cash

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An entrepreneur from Rotherham has come up with a way to raise money for charity while searching the Internet.

John Hardy is the brains behind Moorgate Crofts business centre based Dibgo, creator of which the company describes as an “ethical search engine.” Mr Hardy originally came up with the idea of setting up a website selling advertising space while he was at University. He raised £2,205 in two weeks for Rotherham United when the club hit financial problems in 2006.

“As part of my business degree I ended up doing an assignment on Google which made me realise just how much money search engines make from advertising and from that I joined the dots and came up with GiveFind,” says Mr Hardy.

GiveFind gets results of searches from other search engines and generates revenue from advertisers which is then passed on to charities nominated by individual users.

Mr Hardy is full of praise for the support he has had from Rotherham Investment & Development Office (RiDO), which runs Moorgate Crofts, and Rotherham Youth Enterprise (RYE).

“I’ve been delighted with the support I’ve received through RYE, the facilities at Moorgate Crofts are fantastic and it’s been perfect for a start-up like GiveFind,” he says.