Scramble to help Origin customers

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Three telecoms companies are working flat out to help internet users who were cut off without warning when the Digital Region network was shut down.

Origin Broadband is working with BT and Thales to try to obtain special ‘MAC’ codes that allow people to switch to a new network without needing a new phone line and phone number.

Hundreds of Origin customers lost connection after the internet service provider failed to execute a migration plan before the deadline.

A BT spokesman said: “Openreach continues to work closely with Thales and Origin Broadband around the MAC process to ensure minimal disruption to customers who are migrating from Origin’s network. We have already processed hundreds of cease orders to enable customers to switch.

“We are dealing with extremely high volumes of orders however so we are putting in additional resource to process these requests as quickly as possible.”

Peter Lowes, of Origin, said: “We are very grateful for the patience and understanding that customers have shown.”