Scheme aims to breathe new life into Attercliffe

Sheffield property expert Mohammed Mahroof, a consultant with Norfolk Row-based Mark Jenkinson & Son.
Sheffield property expert Mohammed Mahroof, a consultant with Norfolk Row-based Mark Jenkinson & Son.
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Businesses in Attercliffe are bidding to set up a ‘Town Team’ to breath e new life into the area.

The teams are the brainchild of retail expert Mary Portas and a number have already been established with funding from the Government, including a pilot scheme in Rotherham.

Mary Portas’s vision for Town Teams is that they should focus on making high streets accessible, attractive and safe, building on the uniqueness of the area, its history, its communities and its aspirations to create a brand for the area.

Sheffield City Council and Sheffield International Venues, which runs a number of the sporting venues in Attercliffe and Carbrook are backing the establishment of the team.

Property expert Mohammed Mahroof, the former head of corporate property at Sheffield City Council and now a consultant with Mark Jenkinson & Son, has been named chairman of the organisation, which expects to meet for the first time during the summer.

Mahroof says there are early signs of the area picking up with local people starting to buy property in the area, with the aim of setting up businesses, rather than as a simple investment.

Properties sold since the start of the year include the former Grade II listed Adelphi Cinema, which went for £100,000 at an auction held by Mark Jenkinson.

Hopes are that a Town Team will be able to build links between Attercliffe and neighbouring Carbrook and encourage visitors and staff from major employers in the area to use Attercliffe shops and restaurants.

Significant employers include Sheffield International Venues, the English Institute of Sport, Virgin Media, Santander and South Yorkshire Police and there are even hopes that the area could benefit from Government plans to create an HS2 high speed rail link station at Meadowhall.

However, there are also challenges posed by the establishment of a rate-free Enterprise Zone at nearby Tinsley.

The creation of the Enterprise Zone comes at a time when a number of businesses in Attercliffe have become increasingly concerned about the impact of business rates on viability and what they see as a more aggressive collection regime.