Safeguarding breakthrough

A TOUCH screen system created in Barnsley is transforming the way schools across the country keep track of people coming in and out of their buildings.

Osborne Technologies developed its innovative EntrySign system to sign visitors in and out of its Fall Bank Industrial Estate headquarters in Dodworth.

The system impressed customers so much that managing director Tom Osborne created a version for the education sector, ran trials with schools that were customers for his firm's audio visual, CCTV, cabling and IT services and incorporated their feedback before launching it on the broader educational market, with the help of Enterprising Barnsley.

"Most schools still have paper-based, and often separate, signing in books for staff, visitors and pupils. EntrySign brings to an end all the scribbling of names, times and other details. It's a unique piece of software that uses touch screen technology to integrate all the health and safety and auditing systems; printing visitor badges for an instant visual check," says Tom Osborne.

"Its administrative side allows staff to manage the system, view live information and even quickly print off a list of everyone in the building in the event of a fire evacuation. Also schools can customise the main screen for a great first impression.

"Because we developed EntrySign by trialling it with our existing school customers, we've made it to fit and it's very easy to use. We've also developed a corporate application and are looking at a version for hospital wards. The future looks exciting and Enterprising Barnsley's expert guidance is a big help because it's addressing areas that need improvement while I concentrate on the day-to-day running of the business."

Specialist coaches from Enterprising Barnsley are helping Osborne Technologies to structure expansion as interest in EntrySign increases from across the UK and Ireland.

The organisation, which offers free support to high-growth local companies, is also providing assistance with marketing and the development of a dedicated sales team, which could mean creating five new jobs, bringing the number of people working for the firm up to almost 30.

Fifty schools and colleges have installed Osborne Technologies' EntrySign system and its success has pushed up overall sales figures by 70 per cent.

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