Rush hour traffic travels at 15mph

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TRAFFIC slows to just 15.3 miles an hour on Sheffield’s roads during rush hour, research today reveals.

The city is the sixth worst of the UK’s top 10 cities for slowly moving traffic at peak times.

The average commuting distance for city residents is 13.8 miles there and back, according to the research from Direct Line.

Company director Rob Prior, a member of Sheffield Motorists Forum, said: “I am totally unsurprised by this information - we’ve only been discussing it at our forum meeting last week.

“There are still problems with Sheffield’s ring road system. It is now out of date to deal with the traffic volumes.

“Things are particularly bad around the Shalesmoor area - there are many complex junctions and things that do not work.

“The current ring road is no longer fit for purpose and as traffic volumes increase it will get worse.”

The study concluded the average driving speed across major cities during rush hour was 15mph and the average distance travelled to get to work was 29.2 miles.

Manchester was the worst affected city, followed by Birmingham and Bradford, according to the survey compiled by Direct Line car insurance.