Rock anchors help stabilise north face of the Acropolis

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Stainless UK supplied Grip Bar rock anchors to stabilise the north face of the Acropolis in Athens as part of a major restoration project at the world heritage site.

The Attercliffe company supplied lengths up to 18ft for use in the upstream rock of the Klepsydra Spring House on the north face.

They are fixed into holes using resin capsules and covered by end plates attached with bolts.

The spring was first known in Neolithic times and the spring house was built in 460 BC.

Tim Wells, managing director of Stainless UK, said: “We are pleased to be associated with the restoration of such a historic structure. It carries on a proud tradition Grip Bar has built up over the years of being used on projects which have ranged from the Pyramids to Caernarfon Castle.”