Rise in number of windfarm suitability queries

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Surveyors in Yorkshire and Humber say they are experiencing a surge of enquiries from banks who want to know about the suitability of sites to build wind farms.

According to the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, the prospect of renewable energy providing a new income stream is fueling interest in wind farms among landowners in rural areas and developers.

As a result, banks, that are being approached to fund the developments, are turning to surveyors to advise on wind turbine performance, construction and planning issues, and if a specific site is windy enough to generate sufficiently high energy levels.

RICS says landowners and developers in rural communities can create a good income by selling the energy from renewable energy installations, like wind turbines to the national grid, so it is no surprise that interest in the financial benefits of generating such renewable energy is growing.

James Kavanagh, RICS Director of Land says: “As this market continues to become more sophisticated, surveyors are increasingly being asked to perform more complex assessments, needed by all parties, but especially the lending community who need that extra assurance before handing over finance.”