Revolutionary prototype exhibition

Bloom Light: Delicate lamp designed by Patrick Jouin, made using hi-tech prototyping technology
Bloom Light: Delicate lamp designed by Patrick Jouin, made using hi-tech prototyping technology
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A HI-TECH prototyping company, with operations on South Yorkshire’s Advanced Manufacturing Park, has joined forces with leading designers to stage a revolutionary exhibition at the Victoria & Albert Museum.

The exhibition: Industrial Revolution 2.0: How the Material World Will Newly Materialise, comprises pieces made with the help of radical advances in digital, laser and new additive manufacturing technologies employed by the company, whose name is Materialise.

Moss has commissioned designers from the worlds of fashion and furnishings to produce eight works which pay homage to masterpieces in the V&A’s collection of prominent locations within the museum.

Pieces include an articulated lamp shade that can be opened or closed like a lotus flower as it comes into bloom although it was made in one piece using additive printing technology, an haute couture dress produced without any seams or sewing and intricate tables and chairs. Several of the works to be shown at the exhibition as part of the London Design Festival have already been acquired by leading museums, including the Centre Pompidou, in Paris, and New York’s Museum of Modern Art and Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Materialise has the largest capacity of additive manufacturing equipment in Europe. UK MD Philip Hudson said: “The commissioned pieces aim to demonstrate the capabilities of our technology in unusual and somewhat extreme circumstances. We’re looking to get people thinking about how they could utilise the techniques in ways they had not considered before, and how the benefits translate to projects within their businesses.

“In the same way that the original printing press was a key element of the first industrial revolution, this digital layered manufacturing process can “print” designs and frees up the potential for design and mass customisation in a new manufacturing revolution.”