Residents’ anger over Stannington speed humps

Coun David Baker and residents next to a speed bump in Stannington
Coun David Baker and residents next to a speed bump in Stannington
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Angry residents claim driving over improved speed humps in a Sheffield suburb is like ‘hitting a kerb’.

People who regularly drive along Wood Lane, Stannington, said there is a noticeable difference to four speed humps along the stretch since the road was resurfaced as part of Sheffield Council’s Streets Ahead programme.

And they are concerned the ‘terrible’ humps are causing damage to vehicles.

Some are even taking a detour around the area to avoid driving over them.

But Sheffield Council said the humps meet the regulations and the only work done was to restore the original top layer of tarmac.

Ann Holmes, of Marchwood Road, said: “The speed bumps are terrible. It’s like hitting a kerb and then your car shakes when you’re going over them.

“Some people are saying they are going to start having problems with their cars. It must be doing damage to the bottom of vehicles.

“It’s not the height of the humps, it’s the angle of them.”

Residents have joined forces with Stannington councillor David Baker to try to get an officer from Amey, which is carrying out the work for Sheffield Council, to examine the humps again.

Coun Baker said: “Local people have been complaining about the road humps. They say driving over them is like hitting the edges of a pavement.

“The other road bumps are acceptable and nobody is complaining about them, but there are certain ones that are causing problems.”

Coun Jack Scott, cabinet member for environment, recycling and streetscene, said the humps have been in place since late 2003 and were not altered during Streets Ahead works.

He added: “Although the road was resurfaced the only works carried out on the actual speed humps was to restore the original top layer of red tarmac.

“We hope residents understand they are in place to keep everyone safe and we’d like to reassure them the humps have been surveyed and meet all regulations.”