Research to find right site

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UYE (UK) spent two and a half years researching almost 40 sites before choosing the Holbrook Industrial Estate.

The site is ideal, with a good access road for the 40,000 tonnes of recycled wood that will feed the plant, generating enough electricity to power 7,500 homes and satisfy the heating requirements of large heat consumers in the surrounding area.

It is also close enough to supply the Westfield Estate, where the current gas heating system is 14 years old and nearing the end of its life.

Even the route for the district heating pipe is ideal – covered with grass rather than asphalt, apart from one point when the pipeline crosses under a road, and even there it will be possible to bore directly under the road instead of digging it up.

Operations will be regulated by the Environment Agency and covered by permits regulating emissions and fuel handling.

UYE (UK) has plans for a series of further measures to ensure its plant is as eco friendly as possible.

Wood is being sourced locally and will be inspected, sampled and analysed to ensure it is clean and uncontaminated when it arrives at the plant.

Although the plant is only required to have two systems to clean any flue gases, it will be equipped with three – an electrostatic precipitator, bag filters and separator.

The plant’s roof will be covered with solar panels, it will incorporate an education suite for visiting school children and there are also thoughts of having displays linked to the plant in local schools so that children can see how it is operating.