Readers’ hopes for Sheffield tram growth

Supertram. Picture: Andrew Roe
Supertram. Picture: Andrew Roe
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Passengers have backed discussions which could lead to an extension of Sheffield’s Supertram system,

Work that could eventually kick-start proposals to extend the 21-year-old system within Sheffield is set to get underway this year when transport bosses in South Yorkshire consider future priorities.

And readers of The Star said they would welcome an extension of the tram – with various new destinations suggested, including hospitals and Graves Park.

Bryn Jones, writing on The Star’s Facebook page, said: “It should be extended up Halifax Road to the new Asda, the central reservation is there with enough room to overlay a tram track on top.

“Parson Cross is the largest estate in Yorkshire and needs tram access.”

And Mike Halsey posted: “My opinion is that it needs to extended north to Northern General Hospital, west to the Royal Hallamshire Hospital and south down Ecclesall Road or London Road, while the Herdings line should go to Graves Park before circling through Woodseats and back into the city.”

Bridget Burley said: “Please extend it to the Northern General Hospital as it’s so out of the way.”

Timothy Barker said: “It needs to run to Meadowhead from Herdings terminus.

“It’s a no-brainer. The central reservation is big enough to cope, it would serve many and would be great to build a park and ride on the old aerodrome at Norton.”

South Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive would lead plans for any tram extension if they were agreed as a priority.

It is currently working on the Rotherham tram-train project, which will lead to an extension being built from Tinsley to Parkgate

It is likely that if a tram extension did materialise, transport bosses would want to use money devolved from Government for the project.