Readers divided over plans for multi-million-pound Chinese development

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Readers of The Star are divided over plans to build a Chinese development near Sheffield city centre.

Plans were announced on Monday for the £65 million scheme which will create more than 400 jobs.

Jerry Cheung shows the plans to the Lord Mayor

Jerry Cheung shows the plans to the Lord Mayor

The New Era Square development between London Road and Bramall Lane will feature shops, cafes, a Chinese supermarket, student accommodation and a ‘business incubator’ aimed at enhancing trade between firms in the UK and China.

Readers took to The Star’s website – – and Facebook page to air their views, and s18owl said: “This is great news for Sheffield. Sheffield has been crying out for a China Town for years.

“London Road has some fabulous oriental and world cuisine restaurants but unfortunately the area around there is a dump and I think it really puts some people off.

“The proposed development, linking in with London Road, should really improve and regenerate the area and bring in more visitors. I really hope this goes ahead.”

IdWalkaMillionMiles said they hoped the council would give the plans the go-ahead because the area is currently ‘run down wasteland’.

“I think any development in the city can only be regarded as a good one.”

But while poster Thorpey welcomed the development, he doubted the scheme would create as many jobs as the developers claim.

He wrote: “We’ve had dozens of similar schemes over the past few years, and if each one delivered half the number of jobs it promised then the employment rate would be 100 per cent!”

And Peter Chan said the development ‘will not happen’ – because there is ‘no will’ for it among the city’s Chinese community.