Project to target young jobless

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SOUTH Yorkshire MP Dan Jarvis has backed his party’s plan to tackle youth unemployment revealed at Labour’s annual conference.

Mr Jarvis, who represents Barnsley Central, said he welcomed plans to create a Youth Jobs Taskforce, announced by Liam Byrne, shadow secretary of state for work and pensions.

Mr Jarvis said: “It is vital that action is taken now.

“Labour may not be in government, but we will not stand by and watch young lives wrecked and futures ruined. Over a million young people are out of work and while this government does not directly address that, they are failing every single one of them.”

Labour’s Youth Jobs Taskforce is a new alliance uniting the leaders of the top 10 youth unemployment hotspots – including parts of South Yorkshire – with leaders and experts from business, enterprise, civil society, trade unions and academics.

Mr Jarvis said: “This initiative will create a powerful network among our Labour councils, allowing them to share ideas and to make sure the ideas that work are spread widely, tackling the problem of youth unemployment quickly and effectively.

“One of the ways other MPs and I can help is to work with our local authorities and agencies to set up events that will bring young people and potential employers together, so both can see what the other has to offer.”

“Up and down the country, Labour is leading the charge against youth unemployment. The fact is, if we leave it to David Cameron and Nick Clegg, we will have another forgotten generation, created by a Tory-led government.”