Powering to key role with Government

A Doncaster firm has won a key role in a multi-million pound project to use Government buying power to cut greenhouse gas emissions by vans, minibuses and cars.

Beta Technology is part of a team chosen by the Department for Transport to manage a programme to increase the introduction of vehicles using alternatives to petrol and diesel.

The programme will target public sector organisations that buy thousands of vehicles a year and ask them to take a few hundred low carbon vehicles, says Beta's managing director, Richard Wrigley.

"There are many fuel efficient, low carbon emitting vehicles on the market but this project is about bringing new technologies to the fore that much quicker," adds Mr Wrigley.

Organisations like the Environment Agency, HM Revenue and Customs, the Metropolitan Police, Royal Mail, Transport for London and the Government Car and Despatch Agency will be among the first to be targeted, followed by local councils and other public sector bodies.

The 20 million programme will make it cost effective for public sector bodies to buy vehicles powered by the new technologies by helping to cover the difference between pioneering designs and cheaper, established, models powered by conventional engines.


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