Piers’ e-learning plea

LINE Communications' chief executive, Piers Lea
LINE Communications' chief executive, Piers Lea
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LINE Communications’ chief executive, Piers Lea, has backed calls for e-learning companies to join forces to emphasise the benefits of online and other methods of electronic training.

Mr Lea, whose company is based in Sheffield and London, was re-enforcing a similar message from Learning Light, the body that promotes the e-learning industry and is also based in Sheffield. He argues that although the e-learning industry has held its own during the downturn, it is not performing as well as it should be, given the results it is generating for global organisations.

“We are businesses that are really getting some great results but these are not coming through in public perception,” said Mr Lea.

“I think we’ve realised as a group of companies that unless we speak with one voice, somehow, then we’re not going to get the message across fast enough with enough impact.”

Mr Lea says organisations ranging from networking giant Cisco through to care homes have benefited from e-learning by increasing the reach of their training, reducing costs by millions and, in some cases, increasing sales performance by 20 per cent.