Packing up a punch for boxer Adam

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City boxer Adam The bomber Etches proved he can pack a punch when he took the WBC Youth World Middleweight title at Ponds Forge last weekend - and swears it’s all down to the power of his pack-up.

Adam turned to Sheffield food specialists and caterers PJ taste five weeks ago for the best diet possible in the run up to his second title fight.

“We were approached by his manager who had seen our tweets about how nutritious our food is. He wanted Adam to eat what he calls ‘clean food’ - fresh produce of known provenance, made into healthy, nutritionally-balanced meals,” says Peter Moulam, of PJ taste. “We were happy to help a local lad achieve his title ambitions.”

Adam called in to the PJ taste shop on Glossop Road each morning to eat a healthy breakfast and to pick up his lunch and dinner. “They were pack-up ready meals, but not as most people know them - we took specialist advice each week from different athletes and nutritionists and worked to Adam’s 3,000 calorie daily intake to help him build muscle as he trained,” Peter explained.

“In the last week we dropped the calories down to 1,000 to prepare him for weigh-in.”

Adam won the WBC Youth World middleweight title with an easy 6th round stoppage win over Mexican Felipe De la Paz Teniente and believes his diet helped power him to success..

Adam said, “It is fantastic to have Peter and the PJ taste team on board to help me on my journey to the Lonsdale belt and improving my world rankings. The diet, combined with my running, cycling and sparring training, has definitely contributed to my fitness levels.” Peter and fellow PJ taste founder John Fitzpatrick will continue providing Adam with healthy and wholesome food during his match training camps and have also spied a business opportunity. They now plan to offer tailor-made food boxes to other sports people and are selling the meals on Adam’s diet plan to other fitness and health fans.

Adam has also inspired some of the PJ taste team to be more active. One has taken up swimming and a commis chef is training and losing weight as a Master Cutler Challenge to raise money for Whirlow Hall Farm and the Sheffield Hospitals Trust.