Over 50s losing out in jobs race

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Elevation Recruitment has voiced concern for workers aged 50 and above who feel they may have been shut out of the labour market in recent years.

Rotherham-based Elevation argues that the over 50s are losing out because too much emphasis is being placed on the qualifications required to meet application criteria for competitive roles.

Sarah Barron, associate director of Elevation’s HR division and a former HR practitioner, said: “The economic climate has certainly seen a shift in employment trends, with those aged 50 and over leading the way in terms of self employment since the start of the recession.

“While many may be choosing to set up companies based on their experience and expertise, we are aware from speaking with candidates who fall under this age bracket there is growing concern from a number of people who have been put off applying for certain roles because they do not believe their experience can be held in as high regard as other candidates’ academic achievements.

“Employers must be aware that there are workers who are approaching retirement age with plenty still left to offer.”