Organisation fights for jobs for over-50s

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CAMPAIGNERS from Sheffield aged in their 50s are demanding employers recognise their experience and skills in the workplace.

Almost half of over-50s across the country are classed as long-term unemployed, meaning they have been out of work for at least a year.

The Sheffield 50+ organisation, which has a membership of 2,500, is fighting for companies to realise the potential of an experienced group of people.

Project coordinator Jane Tanser said: “Among the 2,500 members of Sheffield 50+ there are a wide range of people in very varied jobs, at all levels. All bring their own skills, built up over their working lives.

“It is a shame some employers don’t recognise the added value that more mature staff can bring, both to business and as part of a team.”

The debate about unemployment among the over-50s has been pushed into the public domain by a BBC Panorama programme screened last night. The programme revealed over-50s have the lowest chance of finding a new job than any other age group.

Ms Tanser added: “Fifty years of education, and experience of both work and life, are the biggest asset to any service or company and can have a very positive influence on services, business and profitability. Some companies have realised this and have not looked back.”