Norma measures up to healthy eating challenge

Norma Smith's Portion Buster invention.
Norma Smith's Portion Buster invention.
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When Norma Smith decided to lose some weight she searched for something that would help.

Fancy diets and proprietary products didn’t appeal, so she decided the best answer was to keep eating what she liked – but less of it.

Norma started hunting for some sort of device that would help her to get control of the size of portions of food on her plate.

She found a number of products on the market, but, she reckoned that at anything from £10 to £20 they were too pricey.

So, she set about developing a portion control product herself.

She came up with an initiatl desig for her innovation with the help of her husband, Kevin, who is a retired engineer, .

When it came to making her “Portion Buster” device, she turned to another member of the family, brother in law Robyn Smith, from Rotherham-based laser specialist Smith & Huang.

“I did a lot of research online to get the portions right,” says Norma.

“Since producing the first one we’ve refined the Portion Buster and registered the name.”

Norma wanted to keep the cost of the device below £4 and found the best way to do that was to sell it through ebay.

“The feed back I am getting is excellent. We’ve even had someone with Type 2 Diabetes and his daughter who are using it,” adds Norma, who has lost half a stone in the four weeks since she started using her own device.

“It’s been really, really easy. I’ve not been hungry,” says Norma, who sees her Portion Buster as an aid for everyday healthy eating, in addition to being a way of helping those who want to lose weight.