New printing ink is the greenest yet

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A new product, developed in South Yorkshire, could revolutionise screen printing, cutting energy costs and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Magna Colours, of Dodworth, near Barnsley, has developed a new ink for printing designs on T-Shirts that can be cured in half the time of existing inks and at a lower temperature.

Standard water-based inks take three minutes to cure at 165°C.

Magna Colours’ new Aquafast110 ink takes one and a half minutes to cure at 110°C, reducing the amount of energy required by three quarters.

Operations manager Steve Noble said: “All of our products are environmentally-friendly as they are water-based, but with Aquafast110 we have gone one step further.

“In these days of retailers being worried about their green credentials we believe this product really is pioneering.

“It might seem a small saving per T-shirt, but multiply that by the millions that are printed each year and it adds up to potentially hundreds of thousands of tons of carbon dioxide.”

Magna Colours began life in 1978, reselling printing inks. Today the firm exports screen printing inks to T-Shirt manufacturers worldwide.

Around 85 per cent of its inks go to countries outside the EU, including China, India and Vietnam.

Magna Colours has already increased the size of the workforce at its 30,000 square foot factory in Dodworth.

Now, it is expecting to create more jobs, thanks in part to the assistance it has received from Barnsley Development Agency.

The Agency helped Magna Colours to secure a grant – from not-for-profit green consultancy CO2Sense – to develop its new ink.

It has also provided advice on protecting the company’s intellectual property.