New designs helping to fight hospital infections

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Pegler Yorkshire has contributed to cutting infections in hospitals by redesigning the humble hospital tap.

The Doncaster-based plumbing systems manufacturer has already played its part by developing the UK’s first antimicrobial copper tap.

Now, it has redesigned the hospital mixer tap to stop disinfectant-resistant ‘biofilms’ made up of water borne micro-organisms from forming.

The St Catherine’s Avenue firm swung into action after research by the Health Protection Agency found the rosette, fitted to taps to straighten the flow of water, could harbour pathogens that could cause hospital infections.

“We continually engineer new and innovative products to ensure they are in line with, and often surpass industry standards,” said Phill Jackson, marketing and business development director for Pegler Yorkshire.

“Following the investigation by the HPA we have engineered a new hospital tap design to remove the need for flow straightener components without compromising other health and safety issues, such as splashing which can cause wet floors and provide a contamination risk.”

Pegler Yorkshire redesigned the internal profile of its Performa hospital mixer tap so that it funnels water into a basin and reduces the risk of splashing, so doesn’t need a separate component.

The new Performa tap also controls the flow, keeping it to a maximum of four litres a minute, and has a spout with a reduced angle that ensures water cannot remain in the spout and become stagnant when the flow is turned off. Pegler says the new design will be incorproated into both its chrome plated and copper hospital taps.