New app is MADE for networking

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A REVOLUTIONARY app that makes it easy to swap business details and arranging follow up meetings is being unveiled in Sheffield this week at MADE:The Entrepreneur Festival.

Zapifi is the brainchild of city IT and social networking experts AngelRevolutions and is being made available to all 3,000 MADE Festival delegates.

“We did a lot of research before we created the app,” says Brian James from AngelRevolutions. “We found that most people who go to networking meetings end up with a pile of cards that sit on the corner of their desk and they never get round to following up on the contacts they have made.”

When two people meet, decide to swap details and follow up their conversation, all it needs is for one of them to have Zapifi on their mobile ‘phone.

The software displays a two dimensional bar code – known as a QR Code – which contains an individual’s contact details and can be scanned by the person they are meeting, using their smartphone.

Zapifi not only puts the details in the recipient’s contacts book. Users can add a brief reminder of what they have agreed they will talk about at a later date. The system will also automatically make contact by e-mail and allow users to link up using social networking channels.

If one of the individuals isn’t using Zapifi, the app sets them up a free account, enabling them to use the software too and spread the message.

When AngelRevolutions staged secret trials of Zapifi, it found its viral app spread like wildfire.

“We had to shut it down almost straight away - it was starting to run away from us,” says Brian James.

But now the trials are over and Zapifi is ready for release at MADE.

Michael Hayman, chairman of the MADE Festival and co-founder of marketing agency Seven Hills, said: “We are delighted to be able to give Zapifi to everyone attending MADE this year - a world exclusive.”