Motorhomes business is on the road for success

RS Motorhomes, Harworth Business Park, Harworth
RS Motorhomes, Harworth Business Park, Harworth
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They have been described as the Rolls-Royce and Bentley of motorhomes.

They are designed using advanced CAD software and hand-built on Mercedes, Iveco and Fiat chassis, specially modified at RS Motorhomes’ Harworth Business Park headquarters.

More than 90 per cent of the fittings are made in house.

That includes composite panels and wooden cabinets that are fabricated using sophisticated, state-of-the-art equipment, including vacuum tables, laser slitters, laminators and CNC folders and routers.

Most recently, the company invested in the latest fibre glass panel-making technology, Resin Transfer Moulding, to treble or quadruple production speeds, making panels that are stronger and even easier to handle.

RS has grown from modest beginnings more than a quarter of a century ago, supplying specialised motorhomes to the motorsport market, into vehicles that people who love touring aspire to own.

The company designs and manufacturers its own range of motorhomes, tailoring them, more often than not, to clients’ specific requirements, catering, in some cases, for people 
with severe disabilities 
and for people who plan to spend much of the year touring.

Prices for a brand new motorhome range from around £65,000 to “wherever you want to stop,” says founder Mick Rowe, depending on how much you want to customise your vehicle.

“We try to offer the customer just what they want, plus longevity and quality. You don’t get that in mass-produced vehicles. Our quality is high end, but prices aren’t and the price of mass-produced vehicles has crept up over the past five years, which makes our product more competitive.

“The most expensive motorhome we have built was towards £500,000, with VAT and that was like a luxury hotel on wheels,” adds Mick, whose client list includes several customers who have bought three or more motorhomes from the firm.

RS’s emphasis on design and quality meant that the only complaint owners ever make is more of a compliment.

Whenever they pull up on a campsite in one of RS 
Motorhomes’ vehicles, 
they say, everyone wants 
to look inside.

Although the onset of the recession in 2008 had an impact on RS Motorhomes, a £300,000 debt and equity investment by Seneca Partners has helped the company move to a new level, despite the downturn.

“Our order book is strong and getting stronger,” says Mick.

“I believe we are coming out of recession and lots of positive things are happening. Customers are more positive now and there seems to be a turn in the market place.”