Meat beat hunger bid

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Two young entrepreneurs have launched a new venture in Rotherham that aims to sell low-priced, high-quality fresh meat to people in the UK whilst also providing meals to starving children in Africa.

Bulk Meats - - is the brainchild of 25 year old Gavin Edley and Anthony Nettleship, 27.

The company aims to undercut supermarkets by supplying restaurant quality meat in bulk packs weighing a kilogramme or more over the internet.

It says orders will arrive in 48 hours and people can then freeze and store it at home.

What’s more, for every pack sold, the company says it will donate a meal to starving children in Africa, through the United Nation’s World Food Program.

“We wanted to establish a business that tackled the financial issues people currently face over here, by offering competitively-priced, fresh, quality meat – a big part of most people’s grocery bills, but also to give something to those less fortunate than people in the UK too,’’ said Mr Edley.

The duo say they hope to feed more than 7,000 starving African children in their first year of trading and are encouraging other businesses to follow a similar model.

“Hunger still kills more people worldwide than AIDS, Malaria, and TB combined,” said Mr Edley, who two years ago established Vitalife Matcha, supplying Japanese Matcha and other teas via the internet, from the Fusion Business Centre, in Templeborough, where Bulk Meats is also based.

“If more businesses, particularly bigger, more established organisations, adopt this type of model, we can collectively tackle this issue and help to eradicate the problem of starvation Worldwide.”

Gavin Edley’s Vitalife Match business carried off the top prizes in a Dragons’ Den-style event, hosted by Rotherham Enterprise Board and backed by UK Steel Enterprise last year and was highly commended in October’s Star Business Awards.