Manufacturing is bigger in Sheffield

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Experts at Sheffield University have responded to figures that show manufacturing is bigger in Leeds - with statistics of their own.

Last week Sheffield City Region LEP issued information which claimed Leeds was the largest manufacturing centre in the UK.

But Bob Rae, communications manager at the AMRC, said: “These figures can be misleading and it is important to set them into context. First of all, a higher percentage of the workforce in Sheffield City Region is engaged in manufacturing than in the Leeds or Birmingham City regions – 11.4 per cent compared with 10.5 per cent in Leeds and Birmingham, according to the most up to date government figures.

“Also, manufacturing covers many activities. Here, we tend to think of it as synonymous with engineering, but not all manufacturing is engineering or advanced manufacturing, which is where this region excels. What’s more, there are towns like Barnsley that are in Sheffield and Leeds City Regions, further distorting the picture.

“Sheffield City Region can truly claim to be the heart of advanced manufacturing in the UK.”