Making everything better in Sheffield

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An event designed to celebrate all that is great about Sheffield and harness its people-power kicks off next week.

Everything’s Better In The North brings together 100 of the city’s most talented self-started and best-known business names at 156 Arundel Street, Sheffield’s newest hire space in the Cultural Industries Quarter.

“The main aim is to bring these people together in one room and see what happens,” said city PR Ben Duong from The North marketing agency, who is co-organising the event with former Pulp stylist and nightclub manager Ralph Razor, a Sheffield creative consultant specialising in cultural events management, party planning and DJing.

Ben said: “When compared to Manchester or Leeds, Sheffield is usually seen as the underdog. What people don’t realise is that the city is simply not as good as its peers when it comes to singing its own praises.

“Maybe it’s not in the city’s nature. This is where Everything’s Better in The North comes in. It’s a celebration of all that is great about Sheffield and will harness the power of the people who are already doing amazing things here. We want this to grow organically and for people to buy into the ethos.”

Ralph, who worked with Ben on various projects including Utopia for CreativeSheffield to promote Sheffield’s CDI, adds: “From the event we hope to be able to announce future plans on what people can expect from this project. We need to show people what Sheffield is capable of in 2015.”

The event next Wednesday runs from 6-9pm. Over 70 people registered in under 24 hours at