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Access the doctor via the Internet with Westfield Health
Access the doctor via the Internet with Westfield Health
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Digital technology has changed the world at an unbelievable rate. Social media and devices such as smartphones and tablets have created a society accustomed to receiving information at a much faster pace – and at a time and place convenient to us.

From booking your favourite restaurant to hosting online meetings with colleagues around the world, the digital revolution has had an irreversible impact, not only on the way we live our lives, but on the way we do business too. And managing employee health and wellbeing is no exception.

As the NHS continues its efforts to make more efficiency savings and is forced to ration its services, moving healthcare online is becoming a hot topic. From booking GP appointments on the Internet to patient–doctor emails, the future is, without doubt, digital.

At Westfield Health we pre-empted this trend with the enhancement of our DoctorLine™ service in 2012. The telephone consultation line was extended to include a webcam facility, so now employees can talk to a qualified UK GP face to face, from the comfort of their own home or place of work and at a time that’s convenient for them. It’s reassuring for both the employee and their employer that over 70 per cent of our DoctorLine™ consultations result in the patient being recommended a course of action, without the need for referral to another medical professional. This provides peace of mind if you do develop a health problem; as the saying goes, prevention is better than cure.

We also recognised the need for a tool that would help employers to identify potential health risks among staff. Our online Personal Health Risk Assessment enables employees to build a clear picture of their current health status, identify their personal health risks and get the help and advice they need to minimise the risks and improve their lifestyle.

The employer then receives a company health report, which presents aggregated, anonymised results for their workforce, helping them to gain a better understanding of their health and wellbeing and enabling them to take preventative action if necessary.

With digital development continuing at a rapid pace, it’s inevitable that technology will change the way that we manage our healthcare.

At Westfield Health we’re always planning for the future and striving to create tomorrow’s products, today.

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In today’s increasingly digital world, Jill Davies, chief executive of Westfield Health, looks at the role technology can play in managing the health and wellbeing of your workforce