Location is key - but take advice

Max Marrison
Max Marrison
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There are so many ways to communicate these days that for some organisations, location is no longer a priority.

In fact, having all your employees under one roof might not be essential, so long as everyone has access to the information and support they require.

The wrong location for a manufacturing business, however, can jeopardise its success. It is essential that a logical and strategic approach is adopted to identify suitable premises.

Ease of access to raw materials, a skilled workforce, transport links and local markets are critical. These days, out-of-town industrial estates meet most of these criteria and our city region is well served in this respect.

Enterprise parks are being promoted actively by local councils and development agencies and there are excellent offers and amenities available to relocating or start-ups.

Companies involved in highly specialised, skilled manufacturing may decide to choose a location close to research centres, such as Sheffield’s Advanced Manufacturing Park, so they have easy access to the latest developments and technological innovations in their field.

Before starting a search for premises, I would recommend compiling a specification detailing your requirements. This should cover the size of the building needed to house your workforce, plant and equipment, as well as the amount of parking you expect. Facilities for loading/unloading goods and materials may also be a consideration.

Having a clear business strategy going forward will help futureproof your new building.

Is there enough room to expand or can it be extended? If not, will another move be necessary if you are successful and what will this cost in terms of downtime and additional expenses?

On the flipside, the ability to exit a property should also be explored. I’m often asked if manufacturers are better off buying or leasing commercial premises.

It is usually easier to relocate when you are leasing and having this flexibility is important for growth.

Ownership can provide a long term return on your investment. Plus, you will not require anyone’s approval if you wish to carry out works or alterations, other than the usual planning permission.

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