Legal eagle flies back from Africa

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Barrister and Sheffield law firm director Simon Mallett has been helping lawyers in the African state of Sierra Leone improve their skills.

Mr Mallett is a director of Fountain Precinct-based specialist in disability discrimination cases, Unity Law and gave up his time, free of charge, to take part in a social action project working with lawyers in Freetown and Bo.

The training involved delivering seminars to the Solicitor General and government lawyers, general legal council and civil sector organisations.

Mr Mallett also met representatives for Christian Aid and Action Aid.

And he was introduced to the chairman of the Law Reform Commission, leading members of the Sierra Leone Bar Association, the Deputy Minister of Justice and the Deputy High Commissioner.

“It was a tremendous privilege to be asked to assist with this project.” said Simon, a specialist civil law barrister.

“It is too easy for us to take for granted the UK’s legal system, yet it is one that so many other countries aspire to have.”