Lawyers vigilant over Tour de Brand

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“Their lawyers are looking at everything.”

A handful of companies across Yorkshire have already had letters from the organisers of the Tour de France warning them against using the name for commercial gain.

And their English partners Welcome To Yorkshire are doing some policing of their own, according to Andrew Denton, head of media at the tourism agency.

He said: “It’s a global sporting event with 40-odd sponsors who pay big money to use the name and logo. And the organisers ASO have a duty to protect their investment by protecting the brand.

“We have heard of Tour de France cafes and campsites but we don’t want more people getting legal letters from Paris.

“If we hear about the name being used from a local council, say, or a tourism boss, we’ll make a friendly call. Most of the time people hold their hands up and say, ‘I didn’t realise’ and they’re happy to make changes.

“You can’t be monetising the brand without permission.”