Lawyers avoid taxes, fines and jail in real life Monopoly

DLA Piper Monopoly challenge 2014
DLA Piper Monopoly challenge 2014
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As a board game it can involve sitting around for hours - and the winner’s prize money is worthless.

But on the streets of Sheffield, real life Monopoly became an aerobic activity worth thousands of pounds.

After being sent on their way by Mistress Cutler, Jane Pedder (pictured), 12 teams from local businesses raced around the city visiting as many places on the Sheffield edition of the game as possible in two hours. They collected ‘cash’ at each location before rolling dice to move to their next destination. Organised by law firm DLA Piper, some £5,634 was raised for the The Sheffield Hospitals’ Charity and the Whirlow Hall Farm Trust, the Master Cutler’s Challenge charities of 2014.