Jobs quit due to being ‘unhappy’

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More than half of people quit their jobs because they are unhappy at work – not because they want more money - according to recruitment consultants Benchmark Recruit.

Sheffield-based Benchmark surveyed more than 3,000 employees and found over 22 per cent left their last job due to lack of faith in the leadership team. A further 19 per cent left because they felt “disengaged,” and a similar percentage said they were “unmotivated.”

More than six per cent said they left because they had no belief in the company’s services or products and clashes with line managers and colleagues each accounted for three per cent of people leaving. Lack of financial rewards was the fourth highest reason for leaving at just under 13 per cent.

Benchmark director Louisa Harrison-Walker said: “The reasons people state for leaving their last job did cause a few raised eyebrows in our office. We expected salary or financial recompense to rank higher.”