ITM all set to make in-roads in Germany

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Energy storage and clean fuel company ITM Power has cleared the final hurdle with its revolutionary ‘Power-to-Gas’ technology in Germany.

The Sheffield company says Germany’s largest municipal network of energy suppliers, Thüga Group, has completed formal acceptance testing for the technology which uses electricity from green sources to release hydrogen from water, which is then injected into the gas mains.

ITM delivered its Power-to-Gas (P2G) plant to a site in Germany’s financial capital, Frankfurt, in September and began injecting hydrogen into the mains ahead of schedule at the start of December.

The plant has now gained CE approval, which means the plant is approved for installation anywhere in the European Union and gives it a head start in other countries which are prepared to accept products with CE approval without further testing.

It has also completed functional acceptance testing and secured a permit to operate.