Invention could reduce suicides

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Suicides in mental health establishments could be cut thanks to a revolutionary invention by a Doncaster firm.

Engineers from door and wall protection specialist Intastop developed the innovative door top alarm in response to requests from clients.

The tamper proof system incorporates a sensory pad that is installed on top of a standard door.

If the pad senses a weight that remains for more than a pre-set period it alerts staff by sounding an audible alarm, flashing a light or sending a message to a pager or computer.

The system is compatible with most staff attack systems, has inbuilt false alarm prevention, is fire rated and can be fitted in existing buildings as well as to new properties.

Intastop, based on Doncaster’s Kelham Industrial Estate, celebrates its 21st birthday this year.

The company makes a range of door and wall protection systems, include devices to prevent fingers being trapped in hinges.

Intastop includes operators of hospitals, airports, supermarkets and other public buildings among its customers.