Innovative firm solves power supply headaches

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A RECORDING studio in the countryside, a five star bunk house in Wales, a farm whose milling machine kept breaking down and a flat in Fulham are among the diverse locations who have had power supply problems solved by an innovative Rotherham firm.

VO4HOME was set up to help home owners cut their electricity bills by using voltage optimisation technology which matches the power supply to the demand from domestic appliances.

Domestic supplies can be as high as 250 volts – 30 volts higher than the 220 volts typically demanded by electrical and electronic equipment.

Matching supply to demand doesn’t only reduce the amount of power used, it also irons out any fluctuations in the power supply and extends the life of electrical equipment, which otherwise runs too hot.

Fluctuations in countryside power levels were a serious issue for the recording studio, bunk house and farm, while continuing excessive voltage supplies to the flat in Fulham was causing electronic equipment to keep shutting itself down.

Thanks to VO4HOME, the recording studio, packed with £200,000-worth of sensitive electronic equipment now has a stable supply, while the farmer’s milling machine is no longer being damaged by voltage spikes and the bunk house is no longer having to repeatedly replace blown water pumps, in addition to seeing its energy bill cut by 17 per cent.

VO4HOME business development manager Geoff Clifton said: “The outcomes of these recent installations emphasise that, apart from the energy savings available through voltage optimisation, there is an additional and often overlooked benefit – marginally reduced voltage and the natural attenuation of spikes through VO4HOME can have a great effect on the efficiency and longevity of appliances.”