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CUSTOMERS at Popolo’s in Leopold Square are the first in the region to try a craze currently sweeping Europe – sharing beers.

Drinkers buy their beer in wine-sized bottles and sip from small tumblers or wine glasses.

Stuart Young, operations manage, says: “In the same way diners in Europe will share a bottle of wine or two throughout their meal, they are now doing the same with beers that have been carefully created to complement food.”

Popolo have four sharing beers, each designed to be served chilled. They include an Italian brew from the Baladin brewery in Piozzo and Spanish variety Estrella Damm Inedi.

The latter was created by world-renowned chef Ferran Adria from the legendary elBulli restaurant. The former Michelin three-starred Spanish venue was voted the best in the world.

The beer, made of barley, malt and wheat and flavoured with coriander, orange peel and liquorice, is the first beer to be specifically created to accompany food.

Friday January 13 could be your lucky night.

You can gamble on getting your dinner for free at Napoleons.

The Casino & Restaurant on Ecclesall Road is challenging superstition and giving diners the chance to get up to £20 knocked off their bill.

Head chef Richard Burden will secretly select a particular dish from the menu, staff will remain tight-lipped and anyone who gets lucky and orders it will then find the cost of their entire meal deducted from their bill.

Says Richard: “The number 13 doesn’t always have to mean bad luck - we often see big bets being placed on number 13.

“The restaurant is embracing the number – the ‘lucky dip’ will run on every Friday 13th throughout the New Year.”

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